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EnerSys® are world leading manufacturers of energy storage solutions for multiple industrial applications, from motive power and lighting to UPS systems and telecommunications. EnerSys have offices and production sites in Europe and North America as well as sales offices and manufacturing plants in more than 18 locations all over the world.

Enix Power Solutions build many different types of battery packs using EnerSys products, mainly Cyclon batteries. Cyclon batteries are sealed, pure lead acid batteries that are specifically chosen for their design and lifespan. EnerSys Cyclon batteries have a  lifespan of 10 years and can achieve approximately 2,000 cycles in full discharge. They also have a wide temperature range and are therefore used in countries all over the globe with different climates. Cyclon cells are sold in D, TD (tall D), X, E and BC sizes.


The first batteries to use AGM technology, EnerSys Cyclon batteries are made from 99.99% pure lead. Extremely fine battery plates offer more surface area than conventional batteries and therefore more power. What’s more, these high-power rechargeable batteries have a resealable safety valve which allows gases to escape then automatically reseals, eliminating the risk of excessive gas accumulation. The Cyclon single cell’s outer metal jacket provides protection against extreme shocks, vibrations, temperature and flammability.

Cyclon batteries outperform lead alloy batteries in terms of weight, charge time, design life (up to 10 years for single cell, 8 years for monobloc), and perform extremely well in extreme applications and temperatures, making them ideal for use in offices, hospitals, GSM, PCS and CDMA outdoor communication cabinets. They are also widely used in TV networks, emergency lighting, power generation and offshore applications. Cyclon batteries offer higher performance and lower long-term cost of ownership.

Advantages of EnerSys Cyclon batteries:



UPS Systems

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