Custom oil battery packs


Designed to perform in harsh, dangerous environments



Our decades of experience in both onshore and offshore sites has provided us with first-hand experience of the specific requirements of the oil and gas industry. We offer a wide range of reliable, durable cells and battery packs thoroughly adapted to the extreme conditions often encountered in the remote locations of this demanding industry. Our oil and gas battery packs and cells are carefully designed to perform in harsh, dangerous environments in applications with specific requirements such as extreme temperatures, high pressure, corrosion, vibrations and shocks

Our long-standing partnerships with renowned brands such as Saft, Tadiran, Electrochem, Engineered Power, Procell, Energizer and many other battery manufacturers enable us to build and offer batteries manufactured to the highest possible standards.

Thanks to our local manufacturing site in the UK, we can deal with both small and large production series of high-temperature battery packsOur extensive stock of batteries in our European warehouses enables us to offer a wide selection of sizes, technologies, capacities and voltages to suit even the most specific needs. In addition, we pride ourselves on being a leading European assembler for the most popular brands of cells. 

All our batteries are UN38.3 certified for dangerous goods transportation, which allows us to ship batteries and battery packs worldwide. We  are also ATEX certified for explosive environments. Our team of dedicated experts is available to advise and accompany you in the design of the right solutions for your application. 


Powered by reliable and durable lithium cells from Engineered Power. Enix Power Solutions offer a complete and comprehensive range of downhole lithium battery packs for LWD (Logging whilst Drilling) and MWD (Measurement whilst Drilling) applications.
All of our battery packs are designed to match the harsh environments they’re intended to be used within, with cells purposely designed for high shock and vibration applications.

Recommended chemistry:

Lithium Thionyl Chloride (Li-SOCl2)
Lithium Sulfuryl Chloride (Li-SO2CL2)


Offshore structural monitoring is the process of measuring environmental and structural loading on platforms, offshore wind turbines, wellheads and risers which generates costing savings by extending the operating life and providing long-term integrity assurance.

We work with many structural monitoring companies through Europe, with high energy/high power SAFT and Tadiran solutions a key player within the market.


Pipeline inspection is a cost effective mapping survey that identifies the locations of each pipe joint. In turn making it easier and cheaper to identify any defects, allowing the operator to perform required maintenance without stopping the flow of product within the pipeline.

The industry has begun requiring more frequent inspections and the increase in sensors/data on the PIG calls for the use of reliable and high energy battery solutions.
This coupled with operating temperatures that exceed 100°C make our range of Engineered Power PIG cells an ideal power solution for any inspection gauges.

As these applications are typically operated within explosive environments, strict regulations must be adhered to (e.g. ATEX) for which we have vast experience.


Many leading geophysical survey companies rely on Enix Power Solutions to deliver a reliable power solution to ensure their vital analysis is not compromised.

It’s the method of investigating subterranean structures that are particularly related to the exploration of minerals, natural gases and petroleum.

There are three types of Seismic surveys, 2D, 3D and 4D surveys:

A single energy source and one set of receivers will provide a 2D image of the rock layers below the surface with the 2D survey illustrating a single cross section through the earth.
Once a 2D survey reveals a geological structure or element that are suspected to contain either Oil or Gas, a 3D survey is deployed. The 3D survey will then provide a more detailed picture of the much smaller area in three dimensions.

Finally a 4D survey is essentially a 3D survey repeated multiple times in order to observe changes in not only the amount but location of the Oil and Gas. It allows companies to understand and predict the future steps.


Subsea production systems are applications deployed either on or below sea level, making the environment extremely harsh and typically batteries are expected to operate below freezing point (0°C).

All operations deployed under the water surface are classed as Subsea and can include many different applications:

Enix have a vast wealth of experience in battery solutions operating within such harsh and environments and can offer both Primary and Rechargeable solutions.

Advantages of using Enix Power Solutions for your project:

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