Intrinsically safe batteries for hazardous areas


ATEX batteries are designed for use with equipment in hazardous and potentially explosive environments. Mandatory compliance with the European Union Directive 2014/34/EU ensures the safe operation of both the battery and associated certified equipment to maintain the highest safety standards for the operators having to work in these potentially dangerous environments.

Enix Power Solutions has been designing, assembling and manufacturing ATEX certified batteries in the UK for the Mining, Offshore, Petrochemical, Sewage and Utilities sectors for over 15 years. Thanks to our design, testing and production facilities in the UK and France, we can rapidly respond in order to provide the solution for your requirements, whether this is a new application or an upgrade to your existing product. 

In addition, Enix Power Solutions have access to global resources, as part of Upergy SA, to ensure the optimum solution to meet your requirements. We can either work to your ATEX battery design or provide guidance on the most suitable technology for your application.


We place safety at the forefront throughout the entire design process. We will review your requirements and ensure the proposed battery solution meets both your expectations and the highest ATEX safety requirements laid out in the current regulations. We will consider all of your requirements in an open and honest approach to achievable budget and timescales.

Enix Power Solutions can propose the appropriate technical solution to comply with the ATEX Directive, whether this incorporates encapsulation, explosion-proof enclosures or specific protection devices into the finished product. In addition, we can provide solutions with Intrinsically Safe components, i.e. compliant with IEC 60079-11, previously certified to potentially reduce compliance testing of the final product. This includes the latest Saft MP ISE range of Lithium-ion cells, Enix Power Solutions are the only UK approved assembler of Saft MP Lithium-ion batteries.

We can provide custom ATEX batteries in either rechargeable or primary chemistries including Lithium-ion, Nickel Metal Hydride and Lithium-Thionyl Chloride.

Advantages of using Enix Power Solutions for your applications:

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